Get Creative With Your Self Care!


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creative self care

Want to wind down? Calm down? Or just relax? Are you feeling a creative spark, but still want to spend some quality time with yourself? Try these creative self-care activities! Take some time to yourself and get creative!

I’m always looking for new and fun ways to incorporate self-care into my routine. I have tried meditating, yoga, spa nights, but sometimes I just want to do something a little creative. What about you?

When I’m wanting to be creative, I will color in an adult coloring book. These aren’t like your regular kid books, these designs are intricate and take time (lots of time, so let’s hope you have patience).

I prefer using pens or markers in these books because since the drawings can take so long, I don’t want my hand to cramp due to using a colored pencil. I also find that markers and pens make the drawing look crisper.

The actual act of coloring something in is so relaxing. It gives you time to think and reflect. Sometimes, I can get so lost in my thoughts that I won’t even remember that I’m coloring.

If you are someone who likes to draw outside of the lines (literally and metaphorically) then try a one line drawing. A one-line drawing is more freeing and more personal than filling in a coloring book.

You can make it your own and it can be as large or as small as you would like. One-line drawings are also always changing form which makes them so interesting. With a one-line drawing, you could draw an actual picture such as a face or your backyard or you could do something more abstract and just doodle.

Speaking of doodles, doodling is another great creative way to self-care. During classes, when I get bored, I will doodle. This will help me pay more attention while also giving me something to do. As students, we have gotten pretty good at doodling, so why not bring your skills outside the classroom?

Doodling is important because the act of doing it gives you time to not have to conform to any “standard” art rules and there are no expectations.

As highschool students, a lot is expected of us. We are treated as children but meant to act like adults. There is so much pressure to get into a good college, to fit in, to have a friend group, to get good grades, and to have the best extracurriculars.

All of that doesn’t matter when you are doodling. Nothing matters except for your pen on the paper. Just draw. Let everything go, all the expectations, pressure, and societal conformities. Just let it go.

Art is truly the best way to self-care. It doesn’t matter if you are good or not. Creating art is not about what the art actually is but what’s its purpose and what value did it provide? Who cares what it looks like?

Wheww, sorry. I went on a rant there. If you couldn’t tell, I think I also need to take some time to self-care. Maybe I’ll have a spa night or go hang out with friends.

I challenge you to spend 10 minutes just doodling. Don’t think. Just get up, set a timer, and grab a pen and a blank sheet of paper. Time starting now. I’m going to do it with you.

Hmmm, so you’re probably sitting there still, pen in hand, staring at the dangerous abyss that is a blank piece of paper. What to draw… What to draw…

Unless you are the unicorn of teenagers, you probably still haven’t drawn anything. Here, let me give you some time to think.

Still don’t have anything?

Well, that’s okay! Doodling isn’t about having a set goal or destination in mind, like most things, it’s all about the journey. All you can do is start. Nothing more, nothing less. Just start and the ideas will start flowing like magic.

To give you some more information, here is my 10 minute doodle:

doodling for self care

As you can tell, it’s not perfect. It is not even close to that. But, I still did it and you can too!

While doing this challenge, I forgot about them time, so when my timer went off I was shocked! Feel free to do more than 10 minutes, that can just be your start! Don’t worry if it looks unfinished or not professional! Who cares? It’s just for you!

creative self care

Let me know what type of creative self-care you are wanting to try! Did you do the 10 minute doodle challenge? If so, did you find it hard to start? If you would like to read my previous post that includes 10 healthy habits you need to start NOW, then click here. What would you like to see more of? If you want to learn more about me and Cara A Carmen, then click here. Let me know what content you would like to see next by commenting on this post or contacting me! Make sure to follow me on Pinterest and pin this post if you found it helpful! I appreciate you for getting this far in the post! Have the best day!


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