10 Summer Outfit Essentials for Teen Girls

outfit essentials

Oh hey, girlie! It’s that time of the year again… summer!

Also known as hot girl summer or whatever else people have been calling it on TikTok recently.

Summer is THE time to show off your favorite outfits! So, in order to dress to impress this summer, here are 10 summer outfit essentials for teen girls.

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I’m always looking for ways to stand out yet still look cute and trendy. By incorporating these summer outfit essentials I can do just that! Have you ever been in a position where you get ready to go out, and you’re so impressed with the outfit you put together, but once you get to your location you look more out of style than in it?

Well, I have (too many times than I would like to admit). To prevent this from happening ever again here’s a list of the 10 summer outfit essentials you need right now.

Let’s get into it.

summer outfit essentials

1. White Jeans

If my mom was reading this she would be screaming with joy. She is obsessed with white jeans and you should be too. White jeans are a summer staple that every girl should have.

They can go with any color shirt and not to mention make you look extra tan. By wearing white jeans you can upgrade any outfit.

2. Flowy Pants

Now, these are my favorites. Flowy pants look amazing and feel like pajama pants (it’s a win-win!). You can get plain flowy pants that look similar to a jogger sort of style or you can go all out and pick a wide-legged colorful pair (my personal fav! No reason not to go all out! Am I right?).

Flowy pants can allow you to have more movement and are more interesting than a basic pair of jeans. They are also light and airy, so they are great for warm summer days.

3. Platform Sandals

As a short girl, (standing only 5’’1’ on a good day) it is important to have a go-to pair of shoes that give you a few extra inches. For me, those are my platform sandals.

They are so much more comfortable than any wedge or high heel I’ve ever worn (and so much easier to walk in).

Platform sandals can make your outfit fully come together and add a few inches, so for my fellow short girls, this one is for you!

4. Mini Flowy Skirt

These skirts are super trendy right now. I’ve been seeing them everywhere from Pinterest to VSCO, Instagram, and TikTok.

Flowy skirts are great for nights out and look so much classier than a bodycon skirt. Pair your flowy skirt with platform sandals and you will be ready to hit the town (or take a bomb Instagram picture).

5. Light Washed Jeans

Dark wash pants are a big no-no for summertime.

They are too dark and just are a reminder of winter (which we don’t want during summer). Instead, opt for a lighter wash pair of jeans.

The light wash is perfect for summer and will keep you cooler. Pair your light wash jeans with platform sandals and a cute top.

summer outfit essentials for teen girls

6. Flowy Shorts

Summertime can be hot and humid, especially if you live somewhere in the south like me. That means you’ll need a pair of light shorts that won’t make you sweat even more than you have to.

The last thing you want is for your butt to be drenched in sweat while wearing jeans (I’d rather not), so you need some flowy shorts.

Just like flowy pants, these shorts will be light and airy. They are super comfortable, meaning that you don’t have to compromise comfort for fashion.

Flowy shorts go perfectly with platform sandals and a cute top.

7. White T-Shirt

A white t-shirt is an absolute basic necessity you have to have in your closet. It’s pretty much the salt and pepper of clothing items because it’s basic and complements anything.

White t-shirts pair well with bottoms such as white jeans, flowy pants, mini flowy skirts, jeans, and flowy shorts. (so… everything I’ve already mentioned)

Since white t-shirts can be worn with anything you will want to make sure that it is high quality and will last long. This might mean spending a few extra bucks, but in the long run it’ll save you money.

8. Plain Sweatshirt

Another basic that you should have is a plain sweatshirt. Plain sweatshirts make outfits look much more put together than a college or athletic sweatshirt.

To make your outfit look more put together, opt for a crew neck sweatshirt instead of one with a hood. A plain sweatshirt with little to no branding on it is an excellent alternative for those who want to look cute but don’t want to give up any comfort.

9. White Sneakers

In the past year or so, white sneakers have become extremely popular and trendy (such as AirForce 1’s).

This is slightly embarrassing, but I too fell victim to the air force 1’s trend. Yup. Me.

I became one with the trend and I’m not proud of it.

But this outfit essential is not about air force 1’s, we’re talking about white sneakers (I’m just going to exclude air force 1’s in this generalization).

White sneakers are a must, especially if you wear patterned pants with bright colors (I know I do). White sneakers can pull an outfit together and look much nicer than your normal pair of athletic shoes.

10. Black Purse

Lastly, a come to one of my most used items. A black purse.

Up until a few months ago, I refused to use a purse. I thought it was stupid and that it was embarrassing to have one (um it is not and I have no idea why I thought that, but I’ll continue with my story).

I would put all my money, phone, and other items in my pockets. This looked 10x more stupid than it would have me carrying a purse.

Finally, I caved and got one. And guess what?

I loved it.

Every time I go out of the house I’ll bring it with me. It is so handy and not to mention makes your outfits look so much classier.

summer 2020 clothing must haves

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Summer Outfit Essentials: 

  1. White jeans
  2. Flowy pants
  3. Platform sandals
  4. Mini flowy skirt
  5. Light washed jeans
  6. Flowy shorts
  7. White t-shirt
  8. Plain sweatshirt
  9. White sneakers
  10. Black purse

Let me know which outfit essential you are wanting to try? What is one summer clothing item you can’t live without? I hope that this post helps you plan new and stylish outfits!

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