Summer Bucket List For Teenagers 2020

Summer Bucket List 2020 For Teens

Hey, girlie! This post is just going to be a master list of a summer bucket list for teenagers 2020. It will include 100+ ideas for what you should do this summer.

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This bucket list could work year-round, but a lot of the ideas are geared towards summertime. Keep that in mind while reading through.

Now, time for 100+ amazing ideas on how to spend this summer!

Summer Bucket List For Teenagers 2020:

  1. Pull an all-nighter
  2. Go hiking
  3. Read a good book
  4. Make brownies at midnight
  5. Make acai bowls
  6. Have a bonfire
  7. Make smores
  8. Go tubing on the lake
  9. Watch the sunset
  10. watch the sunrise
  11. Clean out your closet
  12. Go camping
  13. Stargazing at a park or in your backyard
  14. Learn a new language
  15. Start a new hobby
  16. Do an art project
  17. Make a vlog of a day in your life
  18. Learn a new TikTok dance
  19. Go viral on TikTok
  20. Start a Youtube channel
  21. Start a blog
  22. Make a summer playlist
  23. Get a tan
  24. Roadtrip
  25. Sleepover with BFFs
  26. Make french toast
  27. Wake up early
  28. Spa night 
  29. Create a morning routine you can stick to
  30. Create a night routine you can stick to
  31. Start a bullet journal
  32. Do a 30-day yoga challenge
  33. Try a Chloe Ting Workout
  34. Re-decorate your room
  35. Tie die t-shirts
  36. Pool day
  37. Make friendship bracelets
  38. Have a VSCO sleepover
  39. Tan all-day
  40. Go to a drive-in movie
  41. Apply for a job
  42. Get a henna tattoo
  43. Get a flash tattoo
  44. Paddleboard
  45. Social media cleanse
  46. Go on a bike ride
  47. Buy new swimsuits
  48. Go thrifting
  49. Swim at night
  50. Watch fireworks
  51. Make popsicles
  52. Go hammocking at a local park
  53. Go strawberry picking
  54. Game night
  55. Surf
  56. Catch fireflies
  57. Water gunfight
  58. Slip and slide
  59. Take a drive
  60. Walk downtown
  61. Paint a pretty landscape
  62. Build a fort
  63. Eat cookie dough
  64. Become organized
  65. Learn to drive
  66. Get highlights in your hair
  67. Eat fresh fruit
  68. Make a fruit salad
  69. Summit a mountains
  70. Donate old and small clothes
  71. Grow succulents
  72. Draw with sidewalk chalk
  73. Get brunch
  74. Go night swimming
  75. Try geocaching
  76. Take your dog on a walk
  77. Learn new hairstyles
  78. Get better at braiding your own hair
  79. Try a new recipe
  80. Movie marathon
  81. Babysitting
  82. Do a DIY project
  83. Go on a nature walk
  84. Fly a kite
  85. Eat breakfast for dinner
  86. Have a pillow fight
  87. Plant flowers
  88. Play twister
  89. Wash your car
  90. Go cloud watching
  91. Jump on a trampoline
  92. Learn how to do a front flip
  93. Learn how to do a back flight
  94. Burry a time capsule
  95. Start a summer journal
  96. Play beach volleyball
  97. Visit a sunflower field
  98. Go cliff jumping
  99. Make green smoothies
  100. Host a cooking competition
  101. Try a new sport
  102. Plant a mini garden
  103. Sell your clothes online
  104. Do everything on this bucket list
  105. Have the best summer ever!
  106. Have a fashion show

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What do you want to try? Let me know if this post gave you any ideas for what to do this summer!

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