10 Productivity Apps Every Student Needs

10 Productivity Apps Every Student Needs

The first day of school is going to be right around the corner and it is going to be weird no matter the circumstances. We will either have to be in school wearing masks and social distancing or just go straight to online school. Whatever the case be you will still need to be on top of all your schoolwork. You can do this with these 10 productivity apps every student needs (aka you, you need this!). 

Just because the start of school may be uncertain or in different circumstances, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t stay organized or productive.

Since we need to access our schoolwork outside of the actual school building, it is nice to have apps on your phones where you can access your work.

These 10 useful apps help me stay organized and focused on my work. They are the best apps for students. It doesn’t matter if you’re in middle school, high school, or college, all of these free apps will be life-changing. 

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10 free and useful apps for students

10 Productivity Apps Every Student Needs:

1. GoogleDrive

The GoogleDrive app is great to have on your phone because when you aren’t on your computer you can view the documents you need to.

This app is one of my favorites because it allows you to easily access all of your documents and files from your Google Account.

Sadly you can’t edit documents on this app, so that is why you will need to also have the next app on this list.

2. GoogleDocs

The GoogleDocs app is amazing for on the go editing. I’m literally writing this using the app right now! On this app, you can view, edit, share, and print your documents.

This app is so amazing and has saved me quite a few times. If you are someone who always forgets to print your papers, then this will help you out so much. 

The app also makes it easy to add in last-minute edits. It is definitely one of my favorites.

3. Gmail

The Gmail app might be my most used app from this entire list. I use it every day and check it multiple times a day.

It is so much more convenient to be able to check my email on my phone than having to open my laptop to do so.

The Gmail app is great because you can have multiple accounts logged into the app (I currently have 3). This is helpful because you don’t have to waste time logging in and out of accounts. You can also see all of your emails in one place.

4. Google

If you are still using Safari on your phone, you need to stop. It’s time to switch to Google. The Google app is awesome because you can log into your google account and searches will automatically direct you to google search.

It is helpful to log in to your Google account because if you need to look back on a website, you can just look through your search results. 

The Google app allows you to see the sites you recently closed and syces to your other devices. This is helpful because you can use the app instead of having to pull out your computer.

5. Quizlet

Quizlet is an app where you can create and study digital flashcards. I use it to study in my Spanish and English classes. It is super useful for studying vocabulary.

I prefer creating digital flashcards because it takes less time, is easier to keep track of, and helps me study more efficiently.

The Quizlet app is super easy to use and you can create an account just by using your Google account. It is definitely one of the best study apps. 

Every successful student can't live without these # apps

6. GoogleKeep

Over this past school year, I have been using GoogleKeep to keep track of my homework. It has kept me super organized and is much easier than keeping track of a piece of paper.

Just like all of the Google apps I have listed, this app syncs to all your devices. I would definitely recommend this for anyone who just wants something simple to list their to-do’s.

If you want something that is cuter and more personalized, then you should download My Daily Schedule. This daily planner includes space for your to-do’s, hourly schedule, notes, and much more.

It is a free downloadable PDF that you can fill out digitally or when printed out. It’ll help you stay on top of all of your schoolwork and help minimize daily stresses.


7. Grammarly 

Okay, I am obsessed with Grammarly. This technically is an extension you can download on Google, but they also have an app (so I’m including it).

Grammarly helps catch mistakes in your writing that you might have missed otherwise. I use it to check all of my essays and papers for school.

I know for a fact that if I wasn’t using it, that I wouldn’t do as well in school.

8. Word Reference

Word Reference is a dictionary translation app. I use it for my Spanish class all the time when I’m on the go.

This app is much more trustworthy than GoogleTranslate and it is so easy to use.

It also offers translations from multiple different languages.

9. Be Focused 

This app allows you to study with timers in intervals. If you find that you often waste time, you need to be using this app. It will set a sequence for how long you want to study, have a short break, and a long break.

With Be Focused, you can also list your to-dos and track how often you have been studying or completing these tasks.

This app is great for studying or just schoolwork in general. It will keep you on task and only give the time you need to complete assignments.

10. Google Calendar 

Google Calendar is my favorite calendar app. It is much better than the standard one on iPhones.

In this app, you can easily set events and color code them. For example, I have birthdays as one color, holidays as another, and appointments as a different color.

You can also set reminders and goals which is a feature other calendar apps don’t have. I like this app because I can connect all my google accounts together so I can see school, personal, and blog information.

It will help you keep track of all your events in a much more organized manner.

Instantly boost productivity with these # apps

10 Apps Every Student Needs To Stay Productive And Organized:

  1. GoogleDrive
  2. GoogleDocs
  3. Gmail
  4. Google
  5. Quizlet
  6. GoogleKeep
  7. Grammarly
  8. Word Reference
  9. Be Focused
  10. Google Calendar

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What do you use to stay productive and organized during school? Which app do you want to try next?

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