My REAL Summer Nighttime Routine (2020)

nightime routine

Hey girl! Thanks for visiting me in my little corner of the internet. Today I will be telling you all about my real summer nighttime routine for 2020. I feel like in blogs or on Youtube, people make their routines seem so perfect and aesthetically pleasing, but it isn’t always that way.

Some days we just decide to ditch out entire routine and just sit and watch a movie. That’s okay. I’ll admit that I’m not perfect and have struggled with sticking to a routine, especially during this pandemic. But I’m working on it. Literally the other day I binged all of the Twilight movies in one sitting, so if your routine isn’t perfect either, then don’t worry.

This post includes the routine that I do to make myself more productive the next day. It is also very relaxing and gives me time to wind down before bed.

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Write a to-do list

To-do lists help you stay organized, on top of your tasks, and help plan your day.

Without a to-do list, your days would just pass by without you accomplishing anything.

They also help prevent you from losing motivation since you know what you already have to do.  

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You can write your to-do lists on a scrap piece of paper or in a planner. I suggest using My Daily Schedule. This is a free printable PDF that allows you to track your habits, plan by the hour, list your to-dos, so much more.


On my nightly to-do lists, I will write down what I need to get done the next day. This usually includes something about my blog, summer reading, tutoring, school, or just general things I want to accomplish.

Having a to-do list helps me get all my thoughts out and feel ready and prepared for the next day.

If you don’t feel comfortable writing your list at night, you can always do it in the morning. I just find that writing nightly is more productive for me.

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Set phone to grayscale

Before bed, I like to have my phone set to black and white. This helps me resist the urge to go on eye-catching apps such as TikTok or Instagram.

Recently (in the post linked below), I discussed how to set your phone to grayscale, so make sure to check it out if you are curious.

Having my phone in black in white makes me more reluctant to go on my phone and is a signal to my brain that I’m going to be going to bed soon.

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Plug-in phone across room

I always charge my phone at my desk before I go to bed. This makes it so that it isn’t easily accessible.

It also helps me get up in the morning since I have to physically walk to turn off my alarm. I also make sure that my phone is on Do Not Disturb, so I don’t get tempted to check my phone because of distracting notifications.

Get ready

After I get my phone out of sight, I start getting ready for bed. Usually, I will shower first and then follow with my skincare and hair care routines.

 If you want to know about my shower routine or hair care routine, then make sure to leave a comment.

Then I will brush my teeth and put on a pair of comfy pajamas. Since it is summertime I will usually put on a pair of pajama shorts and a loose t-shirt.

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My Night Time Routine For A More Productive Day


Now it’s time for me to wind down.

To do this, I have recently been really into yoga. When practicing, I put in my AirPods to decrease distractions and set out my mat in an open space in my room.

I will follow a video from Yoga With Adrienne or just do it on my own. This helps me relax and get a bit of stretching before bed. It allows me to let go of everything that happened during the day and just be present.


If I’m feeling up to it, then I will journal once I put my yoga mat away. Journaling helps me let out all my thoughts and work through things that happen. I don’t feel comfortable talking to most people about my feelings, so this is a good alternative to that.

Journaling makes me fall asleep 10x faster because I no longer have pesky thoughts bothering me when I’m trying to sleep. At the beginning of quarantine, I was regularly journaling every day but eventually fell out of it.

I’m working on building this habit back up and doing it more regularly, but not putting as much pressure on myself to do so.

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Fill up water

To make sure that I’m always hydrated, I will fill up my Hydro Flask before I go to bed.

If you’ve been keeping up with my blog for a while now, then you know this is my absolute favorite water bottle.

I like to fill up my water bottle before bed so that I can have cold water ready in the morning.


The last thing I do before going to sleep is read. I love reading on my Kindle because I can turn off my lights and just read.

My Kindle is also much more comfortable to hold for long periods of time compared to a regular book.

Reading continues to help me relax. I always read until I feel so tired that I lose focus and can’t read anymore. This makes it so I get a good amount of reading done and helps me fall asleep faster.

My Night Time Routine For Better Sleep

My REAL Summer Night Time Routine (2020):

  • Write to-do list
  • Set phone to grayscale
  • Plug-in phone across room
  • Get ready
  • Yoga
  • Journal
  • Fill up water
  • Read

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How do you relax before bed? What is your favorite part of your nighttime routine?

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6 thoughts on “My REAL Summer Nighttime Routine (2020)

  1. I honestly had no idea you could set your phone to grey scale! That’s really interesting and I imagine it would be quite helpful. I also like to journal in the evenings following the guided Divethru practices. They are super and I was so blessed to have the opportunity to work with them and practice wellness!

    Back in 2018 I had more motivation and time. I did plenty of yoga with adriene sessions. Honestly, I was a bit obsessed. Downwards dog never did grow on me though, but I did like her dogs! Her videos are just so calming and really ground you.



    1. I know! I learned about the grayscale setting from a YouTube video and was so excited about it!!

      I will def need to try out divethru! That’s so cool that you got to work with them!

      I love Adriene lol! But recently I haven’t been doing much yoga, I really want to get back into it!


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