How To Have A Sustainable Period As A Teen

How To Have A Sustainable Period As A Teen

Hellloooo! Welcome or welcome back to Cara A Carmen. I’m so glad you are here! As menstruating humans, we are made to feel ashamed of our periods. At school, if you have to change a tampon, we need to put it up to our sleeve so no one can see and don’t even think about the social suicide if you bleed through your pants. Periods are a part of life and aren’t going away anytime soon, that is why you need to learn how to have a sustainable period as a teen.

I used to be so ashamed whenever I got my period. I would dread it. My period would ruin my whole week. I would feel gross, skip out on plans, and just not feel like myself.

But this was all before I started my journey on how to have a sustainable period as a teen.

Now, my period doesn’t stop me. Honestly, most days I forget I’m even on it. It’s pretty amazing.

It all started when I ditched the single-use products and changed to something more sustainable. 

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Let's talk. Period.

Say bye-bye to pads and tampons

Tampons and pads were the only period products I was introduced to when I first learned about a menstrual cycle and how to deal with it. I thought they were my only option, but they weren’t.

These single-use products create 200,000 tonnes of waste per year. And something even more shocking is that 90% of these products are made of plastic. [source]

Throughout a person’s life, the average menstruator uses between 5-15 thousand pads and tampons in their lifetime. [source] This is insane.

Not only do these products harm the environment, but they also harm your wallet. On average, women spend over $6,000 on disposable period products during their lifetime. [source]

These products can’t be worn for very long. Tampons can only be worn for up to 8 hours or you risk getting toxic shock syndrome and pads can be worn for longer, but often don’t last that period of time.


Are periods too taboo?

Pads and tampons are made to be seen as the only option, but they make us think that we should be ashamed of our periods. As young women, we are taught to not talk about our periods. We aren’t supposed to talk with them in public spaces or when any boy is around. Because men don’t know we all have periods, right?

This makes girls feel like their period is a bad thing and a burden. But it shouldn’t have to be. By switching to sustainable menstrual products you will have to focus less on your period and will have more time to spend doing what you want to do. So, it’s time to make the switch.

4 Sustainable period products for young people

Make the switch

By switching to sustainable period products you will be able to create less waste, save money, make your period more convenient, and even forget you are on it. You will also spend less time worrying about when you have to change your pad or tampon.

Just like anything, you will have to go through trial and error, but once you find something that works for you, you won’t want to go back.


How I have a sustainable period

For my period, I recently started using a menstrual cup in March 2020. I personally use the cup from Saalt and absolutely love it.

I’ll admit, there was a bit of a learning curve, but there was also a learning curve with pads and tampons so this is nothing new. Menstrual cups save so much waste and you can use this product for up to 10 years.

If you want to see what cup is right for you, then make sure to take this quiz from Put A Cup In It. The ladies at Put A Cup In It post super helpful videos about everything menstrual cup related.

They honestly saved me more than once and made me motivated to stick with it. Now, I don’t think I could ever go back to tampons.

For my period, I also using panty liners made of organic cotton, but I am wanting to replace these with period underwear. I am still trying to transition over but wanted to mention this, so you know that I’m also not perfect.


Other options for a sustainable period

Menstrual cups aren’t the only sustainable option. There are also menstrual discs, period underwear, cloth pads, etc. I personally have only tried menstrual cups and discs, but really want to try the period underwear.

I have a friend who wears the Thinx panties and she loves them. The Thinx underwear is super cute and I’m really interested in trying it.

The period underwear and cloth pads are great if you aren’t used to anything going up your vagina such as a tampon, but even if you have never used tampons, you can still try cups or discs. Personally I prefer the cup more than the disk, but both worked well.

If you would like me to review a specific brand or type a product then comment below or send me a message through my contact page or email me at

I want to know what products you have tried! Let me know in the comments.

Singe use menstrual products are destroying the environment. See what you can do to help.

Sustainable period options:

  1. Menstrual cup
  2. Menstrual disc
  3. Period underwear
  4. Cloth pads

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Have you ever thought about trying sustainable period products? Do you want to try something new?


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