My Current Favorites: 6 Teen Podcasts That I’m Currently Obsessed With

My Current Favorites: 6 Teen Podcasts That I'm Currently Obsessed With

Hello my loves! I hope that you are having a wonderful day! This week I thought I would just go for something easy, while also supporting others (it’s a win-win situation). I love listening to podcasts whenever I get ready in the morning or am cleaning my room. Continue reading to find out the 6 teen podcasts that I’m currently obsessed with. 

If you didn’t know already, I have a podcast, called The Girly Girl Podcast! It is all about giving teen advice and tips for all young girls. If you haven’t checked it out, then I would highly suggest that you do.

Besides listening to my podcast, you should also check out these wonderful podcasts who are run by teens, just like you! All of these podcasts are super entertaining and run by the kindest people. Soooo let’s just get into it!

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6 Best Podcasts For Teenage Girls in 2020

1. Girl Meets Podcast

The first one on the list is Girl Meets Podcast! Audrey and Emma are the sweetest people ever! They are two high school students that are best friends. Listening to their episodes feels like you’re just hanging out with them at a sleepover.

girl meets podcast

I’m literally obsessed with this pod and binged all their episodes. I would highly, highly, highly recommend it. You can find them on Instagram, multiple platforms, and their website!

2. Not Dramatic

Next up is Not Dramatic! Not Dramatic is a new podcast that I just found a few weeks ago. Selina and Vera are also two friends who just chat about things related to being a teenager. They only have a few episodes up, but I can already tell this will be one of my favs!

not dramatic logo

This podcast is great for any teenage girl and you will 100% be able to relate! You can find Not Dramatic Podcast on Instagram and multiple platforms.

3. Weekly Talks With Emily

Weekly Talks With Emily is a super chatty podcast all about the struggles teens go through. Emily discusses topics ranging from mental illness to how her week has gone so far. Her episodes are like personal journals and are super interesting to listen to!

Weekly talks with emily logo

I actually had the honor of recording with Emily and we literally talked about everything! If you want to listen to this episode, then just click here. You can find Weekly Talks With Emily on Instagram and multiple platforms.

My Current Favorites_ 6 Amazing podcasts hosted by teens for teens! Super relatable and entertaining episodes!

4. The Flowering Compass

The Flowering Compass is an amazing podcast run by the cutest girl! Maddie interviews lots of different teens that bring different perspectives. Her episodes are always interesting and she has some pretty cool guests (not to flex but one of them was me).

The Flowering Compass Logo

Make sure to check out my episode with Maddie that was all about self-discovery and self-confidence. You can find Maddie on her Instagram and multiple platforms. She also has an amazing email list that’ll keep you updated whenever she posts, so make sure to join!

5. The Bright-Eyed

The Bright-Eyed has a similar style to The Flowering Compass. The host, Daisy, interviews inspiring teens and makes you feel motivated. She is an amazing interviewer and her episodes are super high quality. Her Instagram is also super cute!

the bright eyed

The Bright-Eyed is one of the few podcasts that I have binged and feel like I’m learning from it! It is so freaking good and I highly suggest you take a listen. You can find Daisy and The Bright-Eyed on Instagram and multiple platforms.

6. Wife Us

Lastly, is the Wife Us podcast run by Samiksha and Keesha. These two girls are best friends and have the funniest chats. Their podcast is always enjoyable and makes me laugh all the time! So far, my favorite episode was about how they met Shawn Mendes (I’m so jealous lol)!

wife us

Don’t be shy and feel free to check their pod out! I can guarantee that you’ll be entertained. You can find the Wife Us girls on Instagram, Youtube, Spotify, and Apple Podcasts.

6 Must Listen To Podcasts You Need To Binge Right Now

I just wanted to point out that these are just a few of the many podcasts I enjoy listening to! These are not all of my favs, but just a few of the current ones. These were just the most recent 6 teen podcasts that I’m currently obsessed with! I’m always finding new podcasts to listen to, so this list is ever-changing. 

If you have any podcast recommendations, then make sure to leave them in the comments below! Also, just as a quick reminder, but I also have a podcast called The Girly Girl Podcast! Feel free to check it out and follow me on Insta!

6 Teen Podcasts That I’m Currently Obsessed With:

  1. Girl Meets Podcast
  2. Not Dramatic
  3. Weekly Talks With Emily
  4. The Flowering Compass
  5. The Bright-Eyed
  6. Wife Us

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  1. Thank you so much for the podcast recommendations! Added a bunch to my subscriptions which I’m so happy about. This is honestly so funny because I have the same blog post scheduled to go up tomorrow or early next week!


  2. Just in time Carmen!!! I was just going to search for some new teen podcasts to listen to tonight, but then I saw your newsletter and this post!! Can’t believe I almost missed it! Definitely going to check all of these amazing gals out right now!! Thanks so much💓

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