How to read more and scroll less

How to read more and scroll less

Hey girl! I’ve recently been on a reading grind, so I’d thought I’d share with you a quick post about how to read more and scroll less! Quarantine has really made me think about how I spend my free time and has helped me realize what I can be doing instead of watching TikToks.

Ever since I was a kid, I have loved to read! Books take me to different places and will always have a special place in my heart. But when I started high school, I began to read less and focus more on other things that weren’t really serving me. It wasn’t until this summer that I finally started reading more consistently and finally fell back into one of my favorite habits.

For me, reading has always been a form of self-care and something I can do that is relaxing while also beneficial. If you are looking for a way to put down your phone and grab a good book, then keep reading.

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16 Tips to get out of a reading rut ASAP

1. Delete your most distracting apps

My first tip for you is to delete your most distracting apps. This will obviously be different for each person, but I think for most of us it is social media. Don’t get me wrong, this is easier said than done, but if you feel like you can’t part with an app, then try setting screen time.

I have a time limit set on my phone for lots of apps and even deleted Snapchat because it was not positively benefitting me. Once you get rid of apps that are distracting or you just use when your bored, you will be more likely to pick up a book instead.

2. Read books you like

This might seems so insanely obvious, but I think it is important to remember to read books you actually like. Don’t be afraid to stop reading something if you aren’t in love or are getting bored. There’s nothing wrong with that and it will make you read much more.

When reading books we don’t particularly like, we get into a mindset that reading is bad, boring, or a waste of time. Keep in mind that you are not reading for anyone but yourself. This is not school and you don’t have to keep reading something if you hate it.

3. Invest in a Kindle

While this tip is not necessary, I have noticed it has dramatically increased the time I spend reading. I recently bought a Kindle this summer and it has been my absolute favorite thing in the world. It doesn’t hurt my eyes, makes me feel like I’m reading faster, and is awesome for night time reads! Not to mention, by following the next tip, you can get books for free!

That means you won’t have to spend money on a book ever again, but can still read as much as you want. Having a Kindle is also great because you don’t have to buy physical books meaning that you are decreasing the clutter in your home and reducing your paper use!

6 Tips for getting back on a reading grind

4. Use the Libby app

Relating to the previous step, you need to download the Libby app. Libby is a library app that allows readers to download free e-books and audiobooks. This app is super easy to set up and you can connect it directly to your Kindle and library card.

If you don’t have a Kindle, you can still use the app and it’ll automatically download the book to your phone or another device. This app will save you so much money and will reduce the guilt of buying so many books all the time.

5. Put your book closer to you than your phone

Placement of your book or Kindle in your room is so important. I like to keep my Kindle at my bedside table so instead of scrolling through Instagram, I can take some time to read.

By making your book more accessible, you will be more likely to pick it up rather than something else. As a lazy person, I can 100% say that I will be more likely to continue or start a task if the materials are closer to me. 

6. Make it a habit

To start reading more and going on your phone less, you need to make reading a habit. In the beginning, you can have a set time you want to read. Maybe it is 30 minutes each night, or something like that, just to get you started. 

Once reading starts becoming something you are more consistent with, you can of course just do it whenever, but I think it’s smart to also have a general time when you read. For example, I like to always read right before I go to bed. This keeps me accountable and consistent.

how to read more as a teen in 2020

How to read more and scroll less:

  1. Delete your most distracting apps
  2. Read books you like
  3. Invest in a Kindle
  4. Use the Libby app
  5. Put your book closer to you than your phone
  6. Make it a habit

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What’s your favorite book/series? Did you read more when you are younger?

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    1. Aw thank you so much Madeleine! That is def the same for me! I always try to make time for reading before I go to bed though so I can stay consistent! I totally get it though and have noticed that overall I read more over the summer! Happy I could help! 🙂


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