How to be more successful on social media

Hey, girly! How have you been? I can’t believe it’s already January! Time has flown by! Also, it’s 2021… lot what. Instead of doing a basic blog post about goals and New Year’s resolutions I thought I would spice it up a bit by talking about how to be more successful on social media (because somehow these topics are totally related). 

To be fair, I am talking about goals and New Year’s related things on my podcast and I really didn’t want to have y’all listen and read the same thing! So… hence a different topic. If I’m being honest, there truly is no relationship between social media and it being 2021, but oh well. Here we are.

Also, not sure if I have mentioned this or not, but I changed my posting schedule to every other Wednesday just so that I can work more on posting quality content rather than just a bunch of it! Taking a break from blogging gave me the time and space to get more excited about it so I’m super happy for you to see what will be coming out in the future!

If you’ve had a social media account for a while and haven’t seen the growth you’ve wanted, you’re probably wondering how to pick things up. I recently started using a business account (for my podcast) on Instagram and have found some super helpful tactics! I have been able to grow my following from 0-1000+ in less than six months! 

So, I think I know what I’m doing (or at least I pretend I do). Do you want to grow your account too? Want to gain more traction for your blog or business by using social media? Well, this is just the post for you! 

Keep reading for my best social media tips for being more successful! It’s all about working smarter not harder!

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Don’t judge yourself based on everyone else

This was one of the biggest mistakes I made when I was just starting out my Instagram page. Judging how well you are doing based on other people is a huge mistake. It is so easy to fall into the mindset that everyone else is doing better than you, but the reality is they have been doing it longer than you.

Especially when just starting out, it can be easy to think you are so far behind, but this is usually far from the truth. You’re just starting out and that means things won’t be perfect! And that’s okay! It’s all about learning how to do better and pick yourself up again when the going gets tough.

Make content that has a purpose

If you look up Instagram tips on Google or Youtube, you are probably used to hearing the same thing. Create shareable content. But what does that really mean? Shareable content is content that has a purpose. It is something that people find meaningful enough to put on their stories or send to friends.

Your goal is to create as much shareable content as you can! This doesn’t mean you have to completely rework your Instagram strategy. You can create shareable content for any niche and it is pretty easy to do so!

You could create a post that has a motivational quote, important information, etc. This will all depend on what your target audience is. For example, my target audience is teen girls which means I will need to post things that the majority of teen girls will like. 

It is much easier to come up with shareable content once you know who your ideal client/target audience is because then you can start creating things they’ll love! Don’t be afraid to get specific on your niche and who your target audience is. This will all help you grow and be much more successful on Instagram. 

Ask for help

My next tip and an absolute must is to ask for help. Starting out on social media is not something you need to do alone. It is much more beneficial to connect with others who are in similar situations and to work together. 

Don’t be afraid to dm larger accounts and ask them questions! Everyone is always happy to help but it’s important not to take advantage of that help. Other content creators are not here to be your personal internet and it’s important to find stuff by yourself in order to learn.

It’s always okay though to ask people little questions like “how did you create your profile picture?” or “what app do you use to create your posts?”. These are easy to answer questions that anyone will be happy to help you with!

If you have a stronger connection with someone then you can ask them more in-depth questions through the use of group chats or just one on one dms. But again, if you aren’t super close with them it might be best to ask some more simple questions. 

Take breaks

Probably one of the most important things about social media is to know when to take a break. This might not be super amazing for your follower count (which is truly just a vanity metric and not all that important) but it will benefit your mental health and overall content. 

Burnout is a real thing and can affect every aspect of your life, so be careful when jumping into something. I love to take time away from social media in order to feel more connected to the people around me and to become motivated.

Social media traps us in this little bubble so it is super important to step out of it and experience real life. This is where you’ll get some of your best ideas for content creation and I promise you won’t be missing out on anything! 

Your followers will understand that you are taking a break and will appreciate that you are valuing your mental health. Remember to do what is best for your overall wellbeing because it will be seen through your content and it is just always best to be your best (even if this means taking breaks or time away from everything). 

Consistency is key

When just starting out your account, you need to be consistent. It is important not to ghost your followers for months and then return as nothing has happened. As I said above, it is okay and important to take breaks, but that does not mean you should just disappear.

You will receive the most engagement and growth when you are consistent because your followers will know and rely on you. Your content will become apart of their daily routine, which is exactly what you want.

It can be difficult to post consistently, but it is not impossible. Create a schedule that is realistic for you to stick to. You probably want to be posting at least once a week (minimum). I know that many people post multiple times a day but this is not sustainable and won’t lead you to create quality content.

I post five times a week: 3 feed posts and 2 reels. I noticed the more I posted the better my page was doing, but you don’t want to overdo it. Remember that we all have limitations and life outside of social media, so don’t let it take over.

Focus on growing a community not a follower count

Your success on social media will be determined by the quality of your audience, not the quantity. There’s no point in having hundreds of followers if none of them are interested in you or anything you post. You want to have people that love you and your posts.

Pretty much you want to build a community of friends. Also, don’t get caught up on your follower number. This is bad for your mental health and will always leave you disappointed, no matter how well you are doing. 

Losing followers is not the end of the world and is actually a good thing. Since you want to create an audience that loves and interacts with your content it’s amazing to get rid of those who aren’t interested in your page. 

A drop in followers is not necessarily a bad thing and is truly not the end of the world. I mean I’ve had days where my following has gone into the negative numbers because I have lost so many followers, but this is not the end of the world. It’s okay!

Be patient

Lastly, you need to be patient. Patience is key when it comes to anything in life, especially social media. There is no such thing as an overnight success. It is not realistic to think in just a few weeks your page will blow up because this is most likely not the case.

Growing your following takes work, but that’s what makes it so rewarding. Without all the hard work and effort you put into your page it would be as gratifying when you truly “succeed”. But of course, we all have different definitions of success, so this will be relative to everyone. 

Just do what you love and post what you love! Everything will fall into place. There is no point in spending so much time on growing your social media if you don’t love what you’re doing. Work on what you’re passionate about, not what others tell you you need to do in order to be a success. You got this!

How to be more successful on social media:

  • Don’t judge yourself based on everyone else
  • Make content that has a purpose
  • Ask for help
  • Take breaks
  • Consistency is key
  • Focus on growing a community not a follower count
  • Be patient

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5 thoughts on “How to be more successful on social media

    1. It’s okay haha! I def sometimes do that too, but notice the content I put out for a purpose always does better! Also, yes!! Totally agree!! 🙌

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  1. Amazing tips Carmen! I’ve been waiting for this post! (It’s come up on my Pinterest feed at least 3 times and I’ve tried to read way to many times even though I knew it would be coming out today!) Building a community is so important, and I’m glad that you mentioned it! As always, super impressed!!🥰🥰

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  2. Thanks for the tips sis. I was just reading my friends blogs and thought that I will never be able to do something like them. But I realized that I don’t have to be like them. and Love you! ❤🥰😘


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