The 6 Skincare Sins You Need To Avoid

Hey there! Welcome or welcome back to the Cara A Carmen Blog! Yay, I’m so glad you decided to visit me in this small corner of the internet! I hope you are having an awesome day! I don’t know about you, but over the years, I have struggled with my skin so much. But becauseContinue reading “The 6 Skincare Sins You Need To Avoid”

11 Movies Every Teen Girl Needs to Watch Before She Graduates

Hey, girlies! Long time no see! I feel like I haven’t written a blog post in such a long time (me saying this even though I posted something last week…). This post is just pretty chill and casual. I wanted to give y’all some movie ideas so that you can have something to do whenContinue reading “11 Movies Every Teen Girl Needs to Watch Before She Graduates”

7 Study Tips For High School Students

Helloooo. Happy back to school season! Whether you are learning in person or online, these 7 study tips for high school students are important to know. Do you hate studying for tests or quizzes? Do you not know where to start? This post will walk you through finding how you study your best, how toContinue reading “7 Study Tips For High School Students”

10 Back To School Hairstyle Ideas

School has started for many of us and is about to start again for others. Every girl needs these 10 back to school hairstyle ideas to look and feel their best. These hairstyles are great for online or in-person learning. I’m a pretty lazy person when it comes to my hair, but if I canContinue reading “10 Back To School Hairstyle Ideas”

Menstrual Cups For Teens: My Experience + Tips

Hellooooo! Welcome or welcome back to Cara A Carmen. Today I have a super detailed post about menstrual cups. This post will be helpful for any beginner or anyone interested in starting to use menstrual cups for teens.  Recently, in a post about how to have a sustainable period as a teen, I talked aboutContinue reading “Menstrual Cups For Teens: My Experience + Tips”

The Gen Z Guide To Time Management

Hello, my loves. Time management and productivity can be so challenging, especially when we have online classes this fall or spring. It is important to remember that time management is all about your mindset. In this post, I will give you easy tips for the gen z guide to time management. Everyone has the sameContinue reading “The Gen Z Guide To Time Management”

18 Self-care ideas for when you’re broke

Hello, my dear. I have a super chill post for you today that I know you will love. It’s time to sit back and relax. Who doesn’t love treating themselves? But you know what makes it even better, doing it for free? Find 18 self-care ideas for when you’re broke within the next few minutes.Continue reading “18 Self-care ideas for when you’re broke”

How To Have A Sustainable Period As A Teen

Hellloooo! Welcome or welcome back to Cara A Carmen. I’m so glad you are here! As menstruating humans, we are made to feel ashamed of our periods. At school, if you have to change a tampon, we need to put it up to our sleeve so no one can see and don’t even think aboutContinue reading “How To Have A Sustainable Period As A Teen”

8 Habits That Are Ruining Your Self Confidence

Hey lovely lady! I’m so glad you finally made it. Sit down, grab a cup of tea, and get ready to relax. Recently, I have been noticing some negative habits that I used to have and that some of my friends still have. These bad habits affect your self confidence. They are the 8 habitsContinue reading “8 Habits That Are Ruining Your Self Confidence”

My REAL Summer Nighttime Routine (2020)

Hey girl! Thanks for visiting me in my little corner of the internet. Today I will be telling you all about my real summer nighttime routine for 2020. I feel like in blogs or on Youtube, people make their routines seem so perfect and aesthetically pleasing, but it isn’t always that way. Some days weContinue reading “My REAL Summer Nighttime Routine (2020)”

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