11 Ways To Get Motivated When You Feel Like Absolute Crap

Some days I just want to stay in my bed forever. I can’t even find the motivation to get up. Or on other days I just don’t want to write that blog post or complete a homework assignment. For some reason, I just can’t motivate myself to do it. If this sounds anything like you,Continue reading “11 Ways To Get Motivated When You Feel Like Absolute Crap”

How To Develop Healthy Habits That Stick

Hello, my loves. I hope that you are having an amazing day! Have you ever wondered why you never seem to be consistent with your healthy habits? In today’s post, I will show you how to develop healthy habits that stick. I give you easy and actionable steps and hacks that’ll help you build theContinue reading “How To Develop Healthy Habits That Stick”

15 Comfy and Cute Back To School Outfits For Lazy Girls

Hey girl! Thanks for visiting me over here at Cara A Carmen. Grab a cup of tea and enjoy this post that is perfect for the start of the school year. If you are looking for outfits that you can just throw on and still look super stylish, then these 15 comfy and cute backContinue reading “15 Comfy and Cute Back To School Outfits For Lazy Girls”

12 Ways Teens Can Resist the Urge and Spend Less Time Scrolling

Hello ladies and menfolk of the internet, how are you? Good, I hope? Today I am going to be discussing a topic that I have often struggled with, screentime. In this post, I will give you 12 ways teens can resist the urge and spend less time scrolling. As teenagers, it is so easy toContinue reading “12 Ways Teens Can Resist the Urge and Spend Less Time Scrolling”

12 Zero-Low Waste Swaps For Students

Hello, lovely people on the internet. Welcome or welcome back to Cara A Carmen. I’m so glad you’re here. As highschoolers and college students, it can be so easy to fall into the trap of consumerism, so in this post, I am going to give you 12 zero-low waste swaps for students.  Have you everContinue reading “12 Zero-Low Waste Swaps For Students”

4 Must-Have Simple Jewelry Items

Hello loves! I hope that you have been having a fantastic day. Today I will be discussing 4 must-have simple jewelry items that you need to have right now. These pieces are very minimal and look great with every outfit. I wanted to start off by letting you know that I really appreciate your supportContinue reading “4 Must-Have Simple Jewelry Items”

10 Productivity Apps Every Student Needs

The first day of school is going to be right around the corner and it is going to be weird no matter the circumstances. We will either have to be in school wearing masks and social distancing or just go straight to online school. Whatever the case be you will still need to be onContinue reading “10 Productivity Apps Every Student Needs”

13 Productive Things To do In The Morning

Hi, girlie, welcome or welcome back. I’m so glad you are here and that you chose my post about 13 productive things to do in the morning. I don’t know about you, but my morning routine is sacred to me. It didn’t use to be. I used to just go through the motions without aContinue reading “13 Productive Things To do In The Morning”

8 Foolproof Steps To Being More Productive And Motivated While Cleaning Your Closet

Hellooooo lovely people of the internet! Today I thought I would give you some of my cleaning wisdom (ahhh yes). Recently on my email list, I talked about my lack of motivation and so many of you guys related and asked me questions. So, I thought why not post my 8 foolproof steps to beingContinue reading “8 Foolproof Steps To Being More Productive And Motivated While Cleaning Your Closet”

I like to keep my blog a secret. And here’s why.

Excuse me? What? You might be wondering how in the world could you keep your blog a secret or why would you even want to do that? Don’t you want your family and friends to support you? Honestly no. Well… at least not yet. My blog is in a new stage (hopefully you haven’t beenContinue reading “I like to keep my blog a secret. And here’s why.”

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